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"Simply Empowered" seminars are workshops held between London and Birmingham. These are both enjoyable and inspirational opportunities for like-minded women to meet and fellowship as we share our dreams and goals in the context of the Word of God.


These seminars also provide an opportunity for women who are serious about achieving their goals to sign up for the Simply Mentorship program which supports women in taking their dreams and making them a reality.


Simply Wisdom seminars are completely free of charge at present and regular attendance is encouraged in order to develop relationships, and to create a support network of other women who share a desire to see you succeed and fulfil God's purpose for your life.





  • Please email us below to be included on the London registration list. You will contacted for confirmation of dates after registration.




  • Please email us below to be included on the Birmingham registration list. You will contacted for confirmation of dates after registration.


Registration for Simply Empowered is FREE OF CHARGE and includes sharing of the Word of God,  review of your personal vision, groupwork and light refreshments.


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 to choose understanding rather than silver!

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How have you been impacted by today's seminar?


"I will start doing what I know God wants me to do now in readiness for what he wants to do in future"



"I have been challenged to allow God to flow through me for His purposes, and give up my own agenda".



"I have been moved to step out and take action"



"This evening was wonderful and inspiring - the meeting lifted my spirit."



What changes will you make in your life as a result of being here today?


"I will let go of the things that are holding me back, and will continue to make the right choices which will enable me to grow in God's love and grace'



"I will begin to seek God's purpose for my life"



"I will get up begin to get up at  night when God wakes me early in the morning to pray"






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