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Feedback from Mentorship Attendees 


1.     Why did you join the mentorship program?

I wanted some guidance on deepening my spiritual life and gaining deeper intimacy with God but hadnít appreciated until I was accepted onto the program that it was related to developing myself in a professional and personal way with spiritual principles underpinning the means to making these changes.

2.     Do you feel that your involvement has been a success?

Yes- in that I can see a clear path to achievement of my goals in the next year. It has also shown me that any changes I want to make in my life need to be deliberate and well thought out responses to inner desires in order for me to have any chance at achieving them.

3.     What specifically has the mentorship program done for you?

Shown me that I need to be more purposeful in all aspects of my life rather than let life just pass me by. I am encouraged for the future and see the benefits of having a vision and pursuing it on purpose.


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For wisdom is a defense as money is a defense,

But the excellence of knowledge

is that wisdom gives life to those who have it.

Ecclesiastes 7:12


























































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get understanding.

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Joining the program within a Christian organisation of women was God's guidance and would be in a safe environment where I could grow, bless others and develop my potential...


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