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About Us


Simply Wisdom is a Christian Organisation committed to providing mentorship, coaching and fellowship for women, men and young people desiring spiritual, personal and professional growth. In particular we are concerned with the development and spiritual maturity of women who desire to be used by God to impact their environments and to date Simply Wisdom has impacted hundreds of men, women and families in multiple nations through prayer, seminars, newsletters and our former marital network  and prayer team.

Simply Wisdom is headed by Ruth Gordon, who has been involved in women's ministry for many years and leads the Simply Wisdom mentorship seminars, alongside Simply Wisdom Coaches Yvonne Peart and Laurence Grobler.

Ruth is also a highly qualified business consultant with an MBA from a premier business school, a post graduate diploma in Theology and is a Change Management Practitioner and a certified Christian Life coach. In her professional life, Ruth has over twenty years’ experience of providing consultancy to global corporations, having worked in over 23 countries on global projects spanning Europe, the USA, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.

Ruth and her husband, Collin, have been involved in Church leadership for over 18 years. Ruth has a gift for leadership and personal transformation and has inspired many women to draw nearer to God and live more purposeful lives, while taking practical steps to make their dreams a reality.

Simply Wisdom was independently selected  by the British Library research team for inclusion in the British Library Archive in 2011 and 2012, and as a result our original website has been preserved in the categories of Women’s Issues and Society and Culture for historical reflection in days to come.

The Simply Wisdom webpages in the British Library Archive (recently renamed the British Library UKWEB archive) can be accessed via the following link:

Simply Wisdom: British Library Archives

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