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Biblically Based Mentorship For Women who are Passionate

About Changing their Lives and Changing our World

Growth. Confidence. Empowerment. Liberty. Choice.

Being a woman in the millenium is no simple endeavour. Balancing multiple responsibilities we are challenged by our desire to develop a great relationship with God, manage our hectic daily lives and remain purposeful and directed as we seek to fulfil God's plans for our lives.

At Simply Wisdom, we believe that these are extraordinary days, when God wants to use ordinary women in extraordinary ways. Through biblically based coaching and empowerment we excel in supporting women to to achieve the impossible and fulfil God's call and purpose for their lives.

Simply WIsdom - Empowered

Be Inspired at our quarterly Empowered Seminars held between London and Birmingham. These three hour seminars enable Christian women and their guests to receive biblical mentorship via an afternoon of fellowship, encouragement and empowerment, and to be inspired to pursue their dreams and visions. You can register for these events on our website, on Eventbrite, or via the Simply Wisdom meet up group.

Simply Wisdom  - Kickstart

Tired of procrastinating? Unable to complete the activities you've been planning? Our online Christian mentorship programs are designed to enable you to kickstart your dream - to move from theory to action and put wings on your dreams. This thirteen week program is suitable for women all over the world and will support you in identifying and pursuing your personal and spiritual goals by providing coaching and personal accountability to support your success.

Simply Wisdom - Achievers

Simply Wisdom Achievers are women who receive continual coaching and support from the Simply Wisdom Coaches. These women will have progressed their dreams and will be actively moving towards the fulfilment of their dream or vision. These women form the core of the Simply Wisdom Community and provide support, coaching and encouragement to other members of the Community around the globe.

Simply Wisdom mentorship programs are for women who have a passion for God, and wish to work towards their goals in a safe, supported and challenging environment. These women have a desire to experience greater spiritual, personal and professional fulfilment, and are willing to take active steps in order to see their dreams become a reality.

Simply Empowered


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is the principal thing;

Therefore get wisdom.

And in all your getting,

get understanding.

Proverbs 4:7




I wanted some guidance on deepening my spiritual life and gaining deeper intimacy with God...

I really enjoyed sharing and encouraging each other, seeing not only my progress, but the progress of others...

Joining the program within a Christian organisation of women was God's guidance and would be a safe environment where I could grow, bless others and develop my potential...

Click 'Ministry Connect' to connect with Simply Wisdom and find out more about how we can support you in fulfilling God's purpose for your life.

Altenatively please email us at  info@simplywisdom.com for further information.

“The Simply Wisdom Mentorship Program has shown me the impact my life can have on others. I don’t want life to pass me by and wistfully look back at what might have been. I have realized that I can limit God’s work in my life if I am not willing to partner with Him. Part of the partnering process has been discovering His purposes for my life, setting goals based on these purposes and making deliberate daily life choices that affirm these purposes.

The Simply Wisdom Mentorship Program provides a framework for this partnering process to take place in an environment of love, acceptance, accountability together with lots and lots of encouragement. I will miss the place it has in my life and know I will look back and recognize the program has not only been pivotal to my spiritual growth but it will also stand as a key marker in my life’s journey with God.”

- Lisa, Edinburgh, Scotland

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